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Techno Park Development Company (Pvt.) Ltd.

In line with the national government’s manifesto and vision of building a technology based smart society, the Ministry of Technology announced plans to establish five major techno parks in Sri Lanka.

In line with the government's vision of building a technology-based smart society, the new techno parks will be an intrinsic necessity to achieve this vision. The techno parks will be established and managed by the newly formed Techno Park Development Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Industry-leading experts and technology professionals have been appointed to the board of directors to manage all functions of the newly formed company.

The entity is a wholly government-owned company that has been established upon Cabinet approval, and has been granted funds through reputed Sri Lankan banks to perform construction. The construction work is currently being done under the supervision and consultation of the Central Engineering and Construction Bureau (CECB).

Some of the key objectives of establishing the techno parks are as follows;

  • Positioning Sri Lanka as a hub for technology innovation
  • Attracting foreign investments
  • Technological advancement through innovation
  • Social and industrial transformation through technology
  • Stimulate new companies with advanced technology
  • Promote export-oriented industries
  • Create new employment opportunities,
  • Diffuse technology into regions
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Improve the living standards of people in the areas
  • Contribute to national economic development through foreign exchange earnings

To achieve above objectives, it was decided to establish 5 Techno Parks in strategically important locations as given below;

  1. Walahanduwa, Galle – under construction
  2. Rathgalla, Kurunegala - under construction
  3. Pedro State, Nuwaraeliya – construction to be started
  4. Digana, Kandy - construction to be started
  5. Habarana

The techno parks will be equipped with the latest in technology, 5G communication facilities, Smart office complexes equipped with modern communication and technological facilities, provisions for entertainment activities, sports, mental and physical relaxation facilities blended with natural scenic beauty.