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About Us

Our Purview

Establishment of digital governance services for efficient management of health education, welfare and government services, as well as business sector by coordinating optimal information technology with national and international electronic networks.

Subjects & Functions

Creating people-centric economic and social development by directing, supervising and monitoring the below mentioned Departments, State Corporations and Statutory Organizations, as well as Presidential Task Forces towards achievement of anticipated targets in line with the Policy Statement: “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” and based on the National Policies being implemented, enlisting the assistance of the above Presidential Task Forces, and in coordination with the relevant ministries and in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations.

Special Priorities

  • Expansion of digital governance using information technology as a tool for providing efficient and people-centered services and knowledge exchange by simplifying the process of government machinery and market sectors..

  • Installing of international e-commerce and international electronic payment systems.

  • Establishment of a countrywide high speed data exchange system and related mobile network system.

  • Development of new laws and institutional framework for data protection, cyber security and intellectual property rights.

  • Introducing the legal system and regulatory framework required for digital governance and institutional structure, highlighting Sri Lanka’s uniqueness in the sectors of environmental sensitivity, information technology, knowledge and skills, health, tourism and sports.

  • Transforming to a technology enterprise economy by expanding enterprise development technological infrastructure and related services to expand the export contribution of the technology sector and the knowledge and professional service contribution of the national economy. .

  • Establishment of Techno Parks to create high income generating jobs for the youth through transition to technology focused investments, businesses, entrepreneurship and allied service industries.