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MoT Editor

The requirement of a National Digital Economy Strategy and a plan to implement it to realize and achieve the expected results of the vision of the country to create an economy earning higher revenue by the year 2048 has been recognized. Accordingly, “The National Digital Economy Strategy for Sri Lanka – 2030 “ has been prepared by the Ministry of Technology in consultation with the World Bank and the guidance of the eminencies in the public, private and professional institutions as well as vocational boards. The Cabinet of Ministers on 25th March 2024 approved the resolution furnished by the Hon. President in his office as the Minister of Technology to implement the aforementioned strategy.

It is expected that this strategy will facilitate a new economic model including digital transformation and relevant strategic measures to help the country navigate ongoing economic challenges and take advantage of the wide-reaching benefits of digital and emerging technologies, as part of an inclusive and resilient recovery. A dynamic digital economy can drive economic competitiveness and growth, employment creation, sustainable development and service delivery.

Ministry of Technology encourages everyone to provide feedback, suggestions and recommendations on the implementation of this strategy. Your contributions will assist us in refining and enhancing the implementation arrangement of our National Digital Economy Strategy 2030. Please provide your inputs through

  • National Digital Economy Strategy – 2030 ( English )