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MoT Editor

Digiecon Global Investment Summit 2024 is scheduled happen on the 25th of June in Colombo & The Media Conference about this event was held at the President’s Media Center.

DigiEcon Global Investment Summit 2024 will focus on connecting domestic and foreign investors with Sri Lanka’s leading tech startups, allowing them to showcase their innovative products and services.

It will also facilitate knowledge sharing between the government and industry, thereby supporting the vision of Sri Lanka becoming a digital-first nation.

The summit will include a host of activities, such as keynote address by subject matter experts, panel discussions involving government and industry representatives, and one-to-one interactions between investors and startups. The event will delve into subjects, such as emerging technologies, fintech, and the potential of the digital economy.

his summit is a must-attend for investors, innovators, and policymakers interested in Sri Lanka's thriving tech scene. Ministry of Technology of Sri Lanka is organizing the event in association with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sri Lanka Ministry of Investment Promotions & also Finance Ministry.

The event will be powered by Mastercard and the industry partners for the event will be Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL), BCS The Chartered Institute for IT (Sri Lanka Section), SLASSCOM and FITIS.

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