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The Artificial Intelligence Task Force in Sri Lanka has meticulously crafted a white paper to guide the development of a comprehensive strategy for AI integration.

This strategy aims to leverage AI technologies to drive innovation, economic growth and societal progress across the nation. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, the task force is committed to soliciting public suggestions and observations to ensure that the strategy reflects the diverse needs and aspirations of Sri Lankans. To achieve this, we will conduct meetings, utilize online platforms and engage in targeted outreach efforts to reach citizens from all walks of life.

By actively involving the public in the formulation of the AI strategy, we aim to promote transparency, awareness and understanding of AI technologies among the populace. Furthermore, public input will enrich the strategy with diverse perspectives, unlocking innovative solutions and mitigating potential risks. Through collaborative efforts with stakeholders from government, academia, industry, civil society and the general public, we aspire to develop an AI strategy that upholds ethical standards, promote social equity and enhances the quality of life for all Sri Lankans. Together, let us build a future where AI serves as a catalyst for inclusive development and prosperity in Sri Lanka

As we embark on this transformative journey towards an AI-powered future, we invite every citizen to join us in shaping the destiny of our nation. Please see attached white paper and give us your ideas, insights and perspectives are valuable for us through “” till the 26th of April 2024. Together, let us build a future where AI serves as a catalyst for progress, prosperity and inclusive development in Sri Lanka.