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Bill to revise TRC Act after 28 years today in Parliament

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MoT Editor
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The long-awaited amended Bill to revise the Telecommunications Regulatory Act, after 28 years, will be submitted to Parliament today.

Previously, regulations concerning undersea cables were non-existent. Now, legislation addressing this matter has become feasible, revealed State Minister for Technology Kanaka Herath during a briefing at the Presidential Media Centre.

He also outlined plans for the formulation of the National Cyber Security Act.

Hon. Minister said the user base across all social networks has surged from 60 to 74 million. However, there is an imperative for a National Cyber Security Act. Consequently, plans are underway to draft the pertinent legislation by May 2024.

Additionally, collaborative efforts involving 29 Government agencies, alongside Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team (SL CERT), have been undertaken to strengthen cyber security, resulting in the implementation of five projects.

The State Minister also said the Cabinet approval has endorsed the National Digital Strategy 2030, featuring six key points. Among these, the initial focus is on infrastructure, connectivity, access, skills, literacy, industries, jobs, and establishing a connected digital government.

Moreover, emphasis is placed on cyber security, data security, privacy, digital financial services, and the digitization of small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally, a global project promotion conference, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Investment Promotion is scheduled for 25th June, 2024.