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Prominent Leaders in Technology and AI Visit UCSC to Spearhead National AI Initiatives

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MoT Editor

Minister of Technology Hon. Kanaka Herath had a visit to the University College Computing (UCSC) to review the significant advancements in AI research underway.

Dr. Ajantha Athukorala, Director of the University's Department of Computing, and Professor Kasun de Soyza, provided a thorough overview of the projects.

Notably, research efforts by faculty, undergraduate and postgraduate students are strategically aligned with the national priorities set by the Ministry of Technology along with the GOSL.

Following this, the team toured the research laboratory, including a fascinating exhibit of vintage computer equipment used by the university since 1967, highlighting the institution's rich history in computing.

The visit included Dr. Dharmasri Kumaratunge -Secretary Ministry of Technology, AI Strategy Committee Chairman Dr. Romesh Ranawana, Committee Member Dr. Srinath Perera, Ministry of Technology Development Director Janaka Geekiyanage and Ministry of Technology Information Technology Director - Chanaki Mallikarachchi.